Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life's Been Busy

No posts from me in quite sometime.It's a wonder anyone even checks here anymore! Well, just to get me on track here are a few items I've made during my break from posting.

Some Aprons for friends:
Silvers' Aprons
These are fun to make, and the original idea came from my Grandmother z'l.

A mosaic scale I was commissioned to create:
A friend saw the scale I made for my bathroom and asked me to create one for her daughter in law. Her daughter in law has been battling an eating disorder for 10 years, so this was a special project for me. Even the bottom is mosaiced.

And a necklace I made for me! Love turquoise.

Welcome back to you, and me. Hope to post about 1 - 2 per week.


rnjenny1 said...

Hey I check!
Love the turq pendant!

HSG said...

Thank you! Nice to know someone is out there, lol.